The PharosN portal and its sites and services are implemented by the company GOLEM IMS GmbH, Austria in collaboration with its partners. 

The company R&D&I and services enable digital transformation and digital economy. Its strong international team integrates high quality professionals in business management, system sciences, mathematics, software development, web programming, design and training. The company had contributed to several United Nations projects as outsourcing partner and collaborates with international partners in various countries. Based on the multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise in ICT, metrology, computer simulations of complex dynamic cyber-physical systems, business intelligence and automation the company developed and offers innovative ICT platform "Pharos Navigator" supporting multiple advanced applications in such areas as Smart Cities, Factories of Future, Industry 4, Smart Assets, Quality, Metrology, environment and relevant education.  

The company has the following main areas of current activities:

  • Development of Pharos Navigator platform enabling building and running interactive models of complex cyber-physical systems, objects and processes 
  • Implementation of the advanced service providing enabling environment to the customers in setting own applications  
  • Assisting the partners and customers in implementing customized solutions in Smart Cities, Smart Connected Enterprises, Smart Hospitals, Smart Assets management, Sustainable Environment and Energy Monitoring 
  • Training and learning for the partners and customers in applications and relevant projects

The activities are realized in collaboration with selected partners in countries.

Collaboration with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

The company provides technical and knowledge management assistance in implementation of the UNIDO Pharos suite as advanced practical set of ICT instruments fostering innovative models of Smart Governance and Smart Management for sustainable inclusive development in green metropolitan areas, circular economy and industries. It includes training and capacity building in several application areas which require measurement, monitoring and benchmarking of Industrial processes, Energy, Resource efficient and cleaner production, Environment and Green Economy, Preventive, Predictive and Condition monitoring management, Productivity methods improving use of materials, energy, water and reduce generation of waste, effluents and emissions, waste management, disposal of contaminated and hazardous materials and compliance to international standards.

Download the presentation "UNIDO Pharos Suite - The Past and The Future: 20 years of collaboration in digital transformation innovation for efficient and sustainable inclusive industrial development" made at 4-th Conference “Green Industry for Sustainable Cities 2016”, UNIDO - Ulsan Metropolitan Area, 28-30 June 2016, Ulsan, Korea


Collaboration with the Association for Sustainable Innovative Development in Economics, Environment and Society (ASIDEES)

The ASIDEES is GOLEM IMS GMBH partner supporting the development of Pharos Navigator platform and its applications in local governance and education. The Association runs thematic workshops and implements relevant projects for local communities and research organizations, participates in international RDI projects.