Fees and prices

The pricing model for Smart City Monitor is based on the following:

  1. Basic fee for Smart City Monitor engine(s)
  2. Number of Light Clients for city stakeholders including citizens, administration, utility providers, local businesses
  3. Number of Power Clients required to develop and keep the city model updated and synchronized with ongoing metropolitan change
  4. Number of data sources linked in the city engine 

The fees are defined during the negotiations of the community requirements and innovation implementation stages taking into consideration the following    

  • The platform is provided as service under annual subscription fees (SAAS model)
  • It fosters experimenting, piloting and prototyping of Cities of Future, lighthouse projects for small and medium city clusters and advanced digital agenda develop novel business models in the forward looking urban communities 
  • Its implementation shall introduce cost effective and low risk innovation in multiple step-by-step project stages
  • The project objectives, stages, level of support in the implementation of applications    

The projects facilitate the realization of Smart Urban Future concepts in small and medium city clusters and enable creation of ecosystems which can benefit by introducing holistic transparent urban information services for different stakeholder groups. The novel services result from integration of existing and new autonomous systems running in own application domains and isolation. After the assessment of the actual project requirements and available local support options for its implementation, we can offer the fair licensing model for the technology implementation in the community providing new knowledge and jobs creation.

Inform us about your project and let’s discuss it in detail!