Service for Municipalities, Stakeholders and Citizens

Service for Municipalities, Stakeholders and Citizens

The Smart City Monitor provides the citizens, tourists, visitors, city administration, planners and local businesses with comprehensive information servcies and advanced digital transformation platform that helps through daily life, various activities, business services. This solution allows setting, continuously upgrading and running the complete model of the whole urban area which has various diverse civic objects, presents its current statuses, performance, locations on the maps, ongoing events and other information details supporting effective and sustainable urban life for everyone.

The Smart City model runs in real time on high performance server in the cloud or city operational center measuring processes by using large number of sensors and databases, calculating all necessary indicators, statuses of each object and their groups, compressing multiple complex processes into simple and useful human definitions. The resulting relevant information is presented for monitoring, benchmarking, analysis supporting citizens and administrations in their daily activities.

The initial Smart City model is implemented in full compliance to international standard ISO 37120:2014 “Sustainable development of communities — Indicators for city services and quality of life” for all theme-objects and core indicators. Its implementation steps include as follows:

  • Quick set up of the Smart City server (in cloud or in city house), Smart City client software on devices used by city administration and specialists for viewing on-going processes and indicators on-line
  • Learning how the urban model by ISO 37120 runs, what are the sample open data files, how to drill-down in analyzing the causes of events 
  • Replacing sample open data spreadsheets with the local Open Data sets developed in the city
  • Running the Smart City model based on actual Open Data sets 

The development of the unique Smart Sustainable City model starts by adding city objects on maps in different territorial locations, setting necessary sensors, identifying data sources, indicators, connectors to various business applications providing information about existing city services. The interactive model builder instruments allow Smart City Team of planners continuous upgrading of the Smart City Model by adding stationary and movable objects (busses, trains, cars). Any object may have own intelligence realized in internal micro servers, indicators, planned targets, data sources and sensors, actuators defining own sustainability and exchanging information with other objects for supporting and optimizing overall system sustainability.

The model development is made with interactive Model Builder instruments and does not require programming.